Hypnotic Regression Therapy
International Community for Alien Research
  Hypnotic regression used to understand alien contact has been very useful. Hypnosis used carelessly and without strict guidelines has also caused a great deal of harm to the subject and to research. Hypnosis is very simply described as being open to suggestion, an altered state of consciousness and heightened responsiveness. There are no trances, you will be aware at all times and, unless otherwise instructed, you will remember everything that occurs. I.C.A.R. has VERY strict policies concerning the use of hypnosis dealing with possible alien encounters and/or UFO sightings.

  First, and most important, a person should try to recover memories on their own. Research is your best tool. www.icar1.com and www.alienenigma.org are two very good places to start. We also have an on line support/chat room on Paltalk under Social Issues and Politics/ ICAR UFO Alien Phenomena. Hypnosis is not a fast answer and should never be taken lightly. If all else fails to help you recover your memories naturally, then you may consider hypnosis. During hypnosis, bring someone with you that you trust implicitly, they will be welcome to the session. All sessions will be recorded. Strict guidelines, set forth by ICAR, will be explained to you before hand. Regaining total, clear memory of an event or overcoming a cover memory on your own is the best answer. If this is not possible for you then you may want to explore the idea of hypnosis. I have been an investigator in this phenomenon for over 20 years, first with MUFON and with ICAR since its beginning.

Linda Montaldo CHT

Linda Montaldo, CHT

Clinical Hypnotherapy for most applications.
Graduate, American School of Hypnosis

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