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Grey  Alien  Questionarrie

Profile of a “Grey” abductor

Questionnaire #1

You are answering these questions to assist in a new area of research concerning abductions people have experienced with the “Grey Type Aliens”

Your name is not necessary nor if you give it will it be used in any way.

Are you male or female?

During an abduction experience do you have any recall of a device being inserted in your nose?

If yes…Can you describe the device?

Which nostril was the device inserted in to?

After an abduction have you experienced nose bleeds? If so which nostril?

After an abduction have you had any of the following side effects that generally go away within two weeks?

Sinus Headache?

Nasal Congestion?

Unexplained fatigue?

Facial Swelling? If yes where is the swelling mostly located?

Vision problems? Please explain the type of vision problem, for example, blurred, spots, trouble seeing up close or far away, etc.

Excessive Thirst?

Unexplained rash?

The questions you have just answered will assist in further research into the abduction phenomena.

Profile of a Grey Abductor

Questionnaire #2

This questionnaire will only deal with the social/emotional aspect of a “Grey”.

During the first 30 seconds of realizing you are not alone…Are you able to detect any emotion in the Grey abductor. If so how would you describe it?

Focusing on Grey mobility only, how would you describe their movements? For example, lethargic, energetic, mechanical, etc.

During medical procedures do you notice any particular type of behavior? Such as what is listed above also considering if they are focused carefully on what they are doing or if they are just going through the motions of a task.

Do they “Grey’s” perform their tasks in groups if so how many?

If you have been in the company of more than one Grey do any of them seem to be in a leadership role? If so, is their emotional disposition different than the others?

Do all the “Grey’s” look identical or is there noticeable differences in their characteristics?

Are their bodies/faces symmetrical, where as the two halves of the body that make the whole are equally distributed on both sides?

The questions you have just answered will assist in further research into the abduction phenomena.
Thank you

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Profile of a Grey Abductor

Questionnaire #3

This questionnaire will deal only with the “Grey” anatomy. I know some of these questions have been asked before. Others have not. The purpose behind this project is to break abductions into components of the experience. The idea behind this is often times we focus on the whole. In this case the whole of the abduction experience until the idea of looking at specific aspects is presented.

For instance, if I were to show you a painting of a bowl of fruit, you would notice the bowl of fruit, perhaps the type of fruit and the color. If I asked you to only look at the table it was sitting on and describe it to me I would get an accurate account as to what the table looked like as opposed to the bowl of fruit is sitting on a table.
You might even notice that the artist put a fly on the table, upon closer examination you may also notice the fly is black with brown feet and it’s wings are in a position as if it appears it will soon take flight.

This questionnaire will deal with the “Grey” anatomy only.

I think I will pass on the heads themselves I think it is well established they are disproportionate to the rest of the body.

Looking at the eyes of the “Greys” they are big. I have that much. What shape are they using a comparison they are shaped like ____________. For example, almonds, saucers, tear drops, etc.

Staying with the eyes, often they are described as black. Black itself has many tones and shades, For Instance, flat black, a shiny black, off black, black like

Is the black reflective?

Do you get the feeling you are looking into eyes or past their eyes?

Do you get the perception they have a protective covering over their eyes or it is natural?

Do they eyes even look real or something synthetic?

The next question has to do with a Grey’s ears. I think it is established they are small.

Do they appear to have any cartilage (a lobe)?

Are the ears placed on the skull in a position where they would appear in proportion to the head?

Do you have any sense if they take in auditory sounds through their ears?
                                                                                                                                                                        Now let’s take a look at the nose. Does it appear to serve any functional purpose or it is just there for aesthetic purposes?

Have you observed any reaction to a smell from them in their environment?

Next I would like to ask about the “Grey” skin.

I have heard many color variations described. To the best of your ability how would you describe the color?

Considering color and tone can change do to lighting or lack of lighting do you still feel the color you have described is accurate and not skewed?

What kind of skin texture do the “Grey’s” have? Is it scaly looking, leathery, lose, tight fitting?

If you have felt the skin, does it feel rubbery, smooth, and fuzzy? (It is all right you can laugh right here in my own life experience even in the most serious situation a tad bit of humor helped to break up and refocus on what I was dealing with.)

Let’s move on to joints. Do the “Grey’s” having any recognizable joints, such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and hips for that matter?

Is there any other physical attribute I have missed that you have noticed that you feel is notable?

Profile of an Abductor Questionnaire #4

There are so many different directions one can take in a line of questioning for this subject. As I have stated before my attempt is to get the experience to focus on a single aspect as opposed to the entire experience.

In this questionnaire I would like the experience to focus on sensory perception from both sides.

Often time’s people will describe being drawn through a window or a door, a solid object if you will. Could you describe if you have had this experience what it felt like to move through a solid object. I understand often times we are bound by our linguistics; basically he words to describe experience just are not there. I would be helpful if one-used analogies they think would be appropriate to describe the experience. For example, it felt like moving through a sheet of water, it felt like I was being forced through a restrictive barrier, etc.

If you have a witness to your experience of being moved through a solid object how would they describe it?

On the other hand how did it appear the Grey was moving through the solid object? Did they appear to sue any technology to diffuse the solid matter or was it an effortless transition like moving through a doorway?

Does it ever feel like there is a transition in reality of environments? For example moving from your room to a craft. Is there a difference in how you perceive or feel about the two locations?

Sound is something I have heard little about aside from the feeling of being communicated with through the mind.

Do the Grey’s ever make noises?

If on a craft do you here any noises associated with mechanics, like engines or equipment running?

Have you ever witnessed anything being dropped and a sound occurring when it makes contact with a solid object?

Does any of the medical equipment when being used have a noise associated with it?

Now I would like to ask about lighting. In the “Grey” environment what does light look like. Is it something you can relate to in our environment?

Are there any other colors you predominately notice in the “Grey” environment?

Are there any antiseptic type smells in the “Grey” environment?

On to lighting…how would you describe the lighting in a “Grey” environment? Please be as detailed as possible using analogies if need be.

Have you ever seen shadows in the “Grey” environment?

Is there anything I failed to ask about concerning sensory perception?

Profile of an Grey Abductor #5

I have been reading and cataloging the responses I have received so far. The information is fascinating and leading me to do some reading in a wide variety of areas. So far I have followed a sort of order in my line of questioning. I am known for my shifting of topics around in no particular order.

This questionnaire will deal with questions I have missed that I meant to ask or others that have been suggested to me.

How could I forget an alien mouth? That was pointed out to me. It was simply overlooked on my account and should have been part of Q3. So the “Grey” has a mouth. Have you ever seen it move or does it just appears to be a fixture on its face?

I have heard accounts over the years of the “Grey’s” attempting to imitate a human appearance. What has been explained to me in the past was a very poor attempt at best. Have you ever seen a “Grey” dressed in human type of clothing, made up in a ridiculous display of make-up, or fascinated with a human artifact?

If you have pets, do they exhibit any peculiar behavior in the presence of a “Grey”

Have you ever noticed any type of writing in a “Grey” environment?

Has the abduction experience left you with a different world view and your
place in it?

We cannot change what is, but if you could have not have had this experience, would you want to change it?

Have you had anything unusual happen in the last ten days?

Profile of a “Grey” abductor Questionnaire #6

For this project I am hoping to obtain responses from no less than 30 people. I would really like to have many more. This is not a project of whimsy. I am taking it very seriously. I do have others assisting me on finding people who are willing to answer my questions about their experience. I would like to reiterate under no circumstances would I share anybody’s name with anyone.

I am not writing a book, although I do intend on posting an article or multiple articles on my opinions, perceptions, and about the process I under took in an attempt to provide some additional ways to look at the phenomenon using our own emerging sciences, medicine, and evolutionary finds.

On to the questionnaire…

In your abduction experience/experiences have you ever noticed any other beings…If the answer is yes can you please describe them in as much detail as possible, even using analogies. I am a really visual person and see words in images.


Preying mantis?

Human looking?

Light beings?


Native American?

Or anything else?

(I do not give these names to other types of extraterrestrials. I am just trying to use common terms others have)

Have you ever had experiences with a “shadow being”? If yes was it human looking or animal or something else?

Have you ever had an experience with a black thing? If so could you describe it for me?

Have you ever had any cataclysmic disaster dreams? If yes could you describe what you saw in the dream?

Do you notice synchronicities in life? If yes could you give me an example of what that looks like for you?

Have you ever seen a UFO? If yes, what type?

Upon realization of your experiences have you had a sudden interest in other subjects? (For example, Ghosts, Science, History, Archaeology, etc.)

Do you have other family members who have had these experiences? Just yes or no is fine.

What is your blood type? (If questions seem too personal just write N/A I really do not want to make people uncomfortable)

Have you ever felt like the “Greys” were providing you with any information that was useful to you?

I believe Questionnaire #7 will be my last. I wanted to give those who have responded an opportunity to create a question I have not asked that they feel is important.

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