1.What does the acronym U.F.O. stand for?

The United States Air Force (USAF) defines a UFO as: Anything that relates to any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be identified as a familiar object. (USAF Regulation 200-2)

2.What is an alien or extraterrestrial?

An alien or extraterrestrial is a being that is not from planet earth.

3.What is a star child?

A star child is a product of physical and mental manipulation on a genetic level by the extraterrestrials on the fetus(es) of abdcutees or contactees.   

For a more detailed descriptoin of a star child please go to the following link:  Star Children

4.What is a contactee?

Contactees are people with a limited agreement of some sort with aliens. They do not fear the aliens and contact with them to the same degree. They retain more memories of the experiences, and are noticeably more comfortable with the related topics. Contactees
have a love/hate/fear sort of relationship with aliens.

5.What is an abductee?

Abductees are people with involuntary contact with aliens. They do not have control of the experience, and often have few, if any, memories of the incidents.  Often, they will have memories of sitings of ufos, strange lights in the sky, and related phenomena.  Many will have an emotional response to discussions, photos, or articles pertaining to aliens, extraterrestrials,  ufos and related phenomena. The usual emotion associated with their experiences is fear.

6.What is the difference between a contactee and an abductee?

A contactee has a limited agreement of some sort with the aliens and an abductee is someone who has involuntary contact with the aliens.

7.What is a keeper?

Keepers are people with more frequent and a more established relationship with aliens. Some have little to no fear of the experiences and they may also assist the aliens in performing various tasks. Their presence seems to calm and reduce the fear level in other abductees and contactees. Keepers also have a love/hate relationship with the aliens.

8.What information is pertinent when reporting a U.F.O. sighting?

There are quite a few things that are peritnent when reporting a U.F.O. sighting.  They are:

- Try to find something nearby that you can compare the size to.

- Try to get as close as you can without putting yourself in danger.

- Get as much detail as you can, be sure to look at every part of the ship and then write down what you saw or tape it.

- Try to keep a camera handy or a video camera and remember lights in the sky that are far away will not make for very good sightings, so on those be sure to watch for strange behavior, like unusual turns or drops/rises in altitude. It helps if there is another object in the vicinity such as a jet or airplane for perspective.

- On sightings that are up close, try to notice if there are problems with time being out of sync. See if you can get a magnetometer or a geigercounter and learn how and when to use it.

9.How would one go about finding a reliable/honest/reputable
  investigative organization?

You need to find out information such as:  1) People you can talk to directly that work for the organization, 2) Find out who their members are in that particular organization, 3) Do research for youself trying to find out all you can about a particular organization.
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