A man, wife, and their child are driving down Interstate 55.  The man looks into his rear view mirror and sees a bluish white bright light.  He says something to his wife about seeing this in his rear view mirror.  The wife starts looking out the back window of the car she also noticed the bright light.  They keep looking at this light and figure that it is an 18 wheeler coming up behind them.  Within four minutes of when the man had seen this bluish white bright light, the bright light had engulfed the vehicle.  The car died when this light was over the car, and they coasted over to the side of the road.  The light disappeared and then reappeared about 15-20 feet in front of the car.  They saw four or five people emerging from the bright light.  He described these people as being aliens they had grayish blue skin their eyes and pupils are like ours but a little bit bigger.  These aliens are walking towards the car and the man said that he started to reach underneath his seat for his gun.  Then he said he felt that they were talking to him telepathically telling him that they were not going to hurt him or his family.  His wife tells him not to shoot them that they are not going to hurt us.

The grayish blue aliens opened the car door, took all three of them by the hand, and led them into the light.  The next thing that the man remembers is that he was in this room on this clear table face down and there were these wires attached to every open orifice on his body.  He said that he was terrified but yet didn't feel that they were going to hurt or kill him. 

At this point in time, he could not see his wife or his child and did not know where they were. He remembers seeing doctors they looked like regular doctors (human doctors) that were in green scrubs.  He says that it was about four or five hours of the aliens talking to him telepathically.

Then the aliens took him into another room on the craft and in the center of the room was a chair that looked like a gynecologist's chair.  There were about 12 women in this room and there were the grays and human doctors walking around this room.  It looked as though these doctors were implanting things inside of the women's vagina.  He saw all these women in the room and in this room was his wife and some other women that he had felt that he had seen before.  The grays again started talking to him telepathically telling him that they were not hurting them.  They took the man into another room until they were finished with his wife.

In this other room, there were lots of seats it looked like the sky the walls and the floor looked like the sky but yet it was solid.  He sat down in one of the chairs and he said he was paralyzed from his shoulders down.  He could only move his eyes and his head.  Then he said it was as if this haze cleared from the room and there was about a dozen to a dozen and a half children playing in the middle of the room.  He saw the aliens handing the children toys the toys were not from earth these toys were more advanced.  It was as if some of the toys could project what the children were thinking.  He said the weird thing was that these children did not seem to be terrified of these aliens.  Yet he and his wife were petrified yet calm at the same time.  They brought his wife into the room and he and his wife were talking during this time he said it felt like a couple more hours passed.

Then one of the aliens came in and asked the man and his wife if they felt that they could handle this memory; or they could block this memory from them; or they could give them a false memory.  They both said that they could handle having this memory.  Then they took the man and the woman into a different room on the craft and this room was as if it showed the future or something to that affect.  The aliens also informed them that they would be visiting again and would give them more information.  The next thing that the man remembers was that it was about 7 a.m. in the morning.  He said that when this first happened it was about 3 a.m. in the morning.  They drove home and he called the police to report this.


All three of the people involved in this have had x-rays and each one of them has something in their sinus cavity.  This implant is in the same location on all three people.

The man that told this story told the story in a nice and calm manner yet you could see fear on his face.

The wife has tested positive for being pregnant.  The aliens said that they would come and get the baby in three months and she would not feel any remorse after they came and took the baby from her.  If any doctor tested her after they came and took the baby, it would show no signs of her being pregnant.

I am a multiple abductee.  I have been abducted since I was four years old, that I can recall.  Other members of my family, have been, and are being abducted.  One of the most frightening abductions happened about a month ago.  I woke in the middle of the night terrified.  The right side of my body felt extremely cold, almost frozen.  The left side was so hot I could feel heat rising from it, I realized I was in complete darkness.  I couldn't even see my own hands.  All around me, I could hear quick movements.  Almost like animals with claws running over paper.  I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, I realized I was sitting in some sort of chair.  It was backless and had some kind of steel sheet in front.  I was leaning forward against this steel at about a 45 degree angle.  My face was downward.  And all around me, aliens were moving about in that quick movement.  I turned to move my hands.  My arms were hanging straight down in front of my sides.  They felt incredibly heavy and I couldn't move them.  I looked down and realized my skin had fallen down from around my shoulders and was bunching up on my arms rather like a shirt when you half way remove it.  Then I felt what they were doing, my back had been opened up from the base of my spine to the part of the back of my skull where it curves into your head.  They were talking, well thinking, between themselves and I could hear, in my head, that they were re-routing the nerves in my spinal cord.  Behind my spine, in the back of my neck, they were placing some sort of clamps.

They were thinking to each other that the object must fit inside the spinal bone on the third vertebrae.  And it must be hooked up to each nerve that passes through.  I felt no pain.  Only the total horror that comes with knowing your back is completely open and a bunch of aliens are moving your spine around like it is some huge rope.  As soon as they realized I was awake, one of them touched me on the side of my head and I remember no more.

For about a week after that my neck was extremely sore.  I had a head ache in the left back side of my head that would not go away.  The back left side of my head sometimes feels numb and cold.  I had been having very bad backaches for months before this happened.  They are completely gone.  I had gotten the mental impression, while this was going on, that there were two reasons for what they were doing.  One I have no idea of, the other was that in some way they intended to modify or change my behavior and my thought or rather the way I thought.

While thinking about this I remembered a dream I had many years ago.  In this dream, I was on a steel table and some strange looking doctors cut open my back all the way down my spine.
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