Star Children

Hi, I am Joe Montaldo.  I am the National Director for the International Community for Alien Research (ICAR), I have been a field investigator for twenty-two years and specialize in alien abduction and star children.

Our research has brought us to some fascinating conclusions about star children.  A star child is a product of physical and mental manipulation on a genetic level by the extraterrestrials on the fetus(es) of abductees or contactees.  We, as a group of field investigators, have found out some interesting things about star children.  We have found that they tend to stay amongst their own peer groups. 

Star children tend to socialize within their own peer groups and be passive within their own groups.  They are likely to be aggressive outside their peer groups and they have a tendency to do generally well in regular everyday life, not enough to draw any attention to themselves but are comfortable in their life.  There also is a strong psychic bond between all star children from which ever breeding group they may come from.  Breeding groups are the designated groups in which ET creates; we will discuss this later in more detail.  Because of these psychic links between star children, they discover each other quite easily.  They have a strong bond with the one another as if they have known each other all of their life.  This bond also leads them to marry within their own group.  It has been known that if a star child is already married and they meet another star child, they have such a strong attraction that they must be with this other person.

There are three groups (types) of aliens.  The groups of aliens consist of: the greys, the humans, and the reptilians.  All three of the groups have their own breeding program.  Each breeding program must go along with each of the alien’s agenda.  We have also found that within each of these alien-created breeding groups, the star children are creating a subgroup.  The aliens will then start abducting from the subgroup created by the star children as well. 

Star children’s IQ does seem to be higher then the normal person.  Star children have a very strong psychic ability.  The links between star children and people who are not star children is quite strong, because of the star children's ability to read other's thoughts and emotions.  They can also suggest to a person how to feel or react.  Some star children tend to be clairvoyant and have telekinesis.

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Star Children