Reptilian Encounter Questionnaire
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Reptilian Encounter Questionnaire }
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I plan on continuing the Mosaic Project. This time the focus will be reptilian encounters. I do not come up with names for alleged other species. I just simply pick the terms people are most familiar with. I would probably pick something more intriguing like the Aquina Draqua.
.1.How did your encounter take place, such as, abduction, wrong place at the wrong time, right place at the right time, something by chance, etc?
2.How many Reptilians were present?
3.Did they seem to be male/female or really could not tell?
if other
4.Were you near a body of water, a cave, or a historical site?
5.If there was more than one did anyone of them appear to be in a leadership role?
6.Did they all look the same or were there noticeable differences?
7.Before your encounter had you ever considered other intelligence may exist?
8.Has this happened more than once? If so how many times?
9.Was this a frightening experience, perhaps startled, something positive, or something else? Please describe.
10.Sometimes people describe this type of encounter as a shape shifting being. Did you experience this phenomenon? If so please describe
11.Did it have an chameleon type behavior such as appearing as the reptilian being than changing to something else or vice a versa?
12.Did the encounter feel as if it was in our environmental perception or did you feel pulled out of your environment?
13.Did you notice any unusual sounds during your encounter? If so please describe what they were. 
14.Did you notice any unusual smell during your encounter> If so please describe the scent.
15.Did you notice any type of writing anywhere? If yes please describe it.
16.Did you only notice only an adult type reptilian being or were their children?
17.Was anyone else with you? If so how many witnesses?
18.Was there a type of craft (UFO) involved? If so please describe it.
19.If there was a craft, were you inside it? If so describe what you saw.
20.Did you get a sense of where they were from?
21.After the encounter what did you think about what just took place?
22.Do you feel like what you recall is a real memory?”
23.Have you talked to others about this experience or were you concerned about how others would react?
24.Would you want to experience this encounter again?
25.Did the encounter happen in a specific area such as the woods, a public place, at home, etc?
These next questions will focus on the anatomy or what you recall about it concerning the reptilians.
26.How tall was the reptilian or reptilians if more than one?
27.Did they wear any type of clothing? If yes please describe
28.What was the skin texture like? Scaly, smooth like a salamander, more like a snake, large scales, small scales, shape of scales, diamond like, half circle, or something else? Please be as detailed as possible.
29.Did you feel the skin? If yes, was it slimy, oily, dry, etc.
30.What was the color or colors of the skin?
31.If more than one color are the other colors located in any particular region of the body such as around eyes, the mouth, the head etc
32.What was the shape of the head like? Round, oval, elongated, disproportionate in size, etc.
33.Are there any protrusions on the head? If yes describe what they look line and where they are located.
34.How are the eyes shaped and positioned on the head
35.What color/colors are the eyes?
36.Do they have ears? If yes describe what they look like.
37.How is the nose shaped?
38.Describe the mouth region including lips if they have any.
39.Did they have a tail?
40.Are the arms and legs proportioned to the body or longer/shorter?
41.How many fingers do they have and how would you describe the shape, such as like human hands, pointed with/without claws, etc?
42.Please describe the feet if you seen them.
I have a few questions about their demeanor.
43.How was their reaction towards you? Be specific, was it hostile, friendly, indifferent, etc
44.Did they seem to have any apprehension towards you?
45.Did they react to you as if you were familiar to them, an accidental encounter, something else?
46.Did they try to communicate with you? If so, how? Such as verbally with words, a telepathic type communication, with images, etc?
I have a few questions about how you felt specifically.
47.Did reptilians feel familiar to you?
48.Did you attempt to communicate with them?
49.Did the experience scare you?
50.Were you concerned about your safety?
51.Did you find them revolting, left you curious, you felt quite comfortable in their presence, or something else?
52.Please us this space to write anything else you would like to say about how you felt about the whole encounter
Often I have heard people describe something or someone else in their encounters. The following is yes or no questions concerning other beings or people involved.
53.A Grey?
54.A Mantis type being?
55.A Light being?
56.A Native American or other indigenous tribe?
57.Military? If so what country?
The remaining questions have more to do with you personally.
59.What country are you from?
60.Are you male or female?
61.What is your blood type?
62.How old are you? Some people do not like to give their age, if you do not want to just put n/a.
63.Did this experience change how you felt about your world and your place in it?
64.Did the experience prompt you to want to look for answers? If so where did you go looking?
65.What kind of academic subjects are you interested in?
66.What is your occupation? You do not have to be specific you can give a general answer such as engineering, medicine, housewife, retired, etc.
67.Have others in your family had this experience?
68.Have you ever seen these reptilian beings in a dream?
69.Have you ever had a disaster type dream? If so please describe.
70.Are you interested in other paranormal subjects? If so what kind?
71.Do you have pets that were present during your encounter? If so what was their reaction?
72.When was your last encounter?
73.Do you know anyone else personally who has had a similar experience?
74.Have you had any other type of paranormal experiences? If so, with what?
75.Is there a question you did not see you wish would have been asked? If so what would you have asked?