Pascagoula, Mississippi Abductions

Calvin Parker

Charles Hickson

Bentwaters/Woodbridge RAF Landings

Colonel Charles Halt, RAF BASE Commander

Sgt. Jim Penniston, RAF SECURITY

Larry Warren, Working Patrol

Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

Betty Hill Interview

Betty Hill Follow-up

United States Astronauts

Lunar Spacecraft

Discovery Space Shuttle

Gemini 7

Herbert Schirmer Abduction in 1967

Police Sgt. Herbert Shirmer Segment

Hypnotist/Anesthesiologist Comments on Schirmer Case

Professor Robert Carr/Crash Recovery-Autopsy Description

Professor Robert Carr - Segment 1

Professor Robert Carr - Segment 2

Other Audio Files


CBS Radio Special - 1949 Layer-3


Excerpt from The ParaNet Continuum with Al Chop

Swiss Air Encounter

Area 51 discussed

Thomas Dubose on Roswell

Stanton Friedman

Jacques Vallee

Ronald Reagan Speech

Various Audio Links Related to Ufology
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