Taken March 2004 with a digital Cannon A-60 camera in Little Marsh Island, Florida.  The top picture is the full picture and the lower picture is a crop out of that picture.  There is a circular shpere in the sky along with an object near the smoke stack.  This picture was taken by Jason Wilson, Field Investigator for I.C.A.R.
Taken April 2001 with high speed 35 mm camera near Elign Air Force Base, Navarre Beach Florida.  There is a large white globe  in the daytime sky with a smaller globe above it.
Taken May 2001 with high speed 35mm camera in  Santa Rosa Island, Florida.  A silvery disc moving at very high speed.
Taken May 2001 with a camcorder near Elign Air Force Base, Navarre Beach, Florida.  Triangular  Ship with two blue lights and front white light. Made no sound. On a  previous sighting this same type ship circled over us at a height of  about 100 ft. for over 45 minutes.
Same ship taken on comcorder 2 hours later, About 1:15 A.M. At this time the ship began to spin slowly on itself, the blue lights moved around the one center white  light. We had been taping this ship for the entire 2 hours, no sound was heard at any time.Ship then headed slowly out over the Gulf of Mexico.
This is a picture of the aliens we have personally  had contact with, drawn from memory.
Taken in May 2001 with a high speed 35mm camera near Elign Air Force Base near Navarre Beach, Flordia. It shows a large white globe surrounding an observatory located on a military base.
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