The International Community for Alien Research (I.C.A.R) is a world wide research organization.  We have investigators all over the USA and in many other countries, and are currently examining the credentials of other candidates as well.  When you report a sighting or you feel that you have been contacted or have been abducted we will have an investigator in your area look into your report. 

We put the I.C.A.R. website together for all of your U.F.O. and Alien Phenomena research.  We have the latest sightings for the U.S. by state.  We will update this page regularly to have the most current sighting reported.  We will have on this site the latest information about U.F.Os.  We want this to be a site that you can get all of your information without trying to find all of the various sites that you have to go to, to get the information you are looking for.

This site has a link to the Freedom of Information Act Site and we will post various documents that we have received on that page.  We have lots of pictures of U.F.Os on our site.  With the pictures that we post we are going to have some real pictures of U.F.Os and some that are hoaxes.  After these pictures have been posted for a couple of weeks, we will then post additional information, including which ones are real, and which ones are hoaxes, mistakes caused by optical illusions, etc. This will enable you to become an educated UFO observer/watcher.
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Entertainment is currently searching for people to be featured in an upcoming documentary series that will conduct in depth investigations on cases of those who credibly believe that they have been the victims of recent alien abductions, inexplicable disappearances and even multiple experiences throughout their lives. Recent cases from the past few years are preferred. By appearing in the program, they will relate their stories to experts in various fields of investigation in order to find out more about what happened to them. The program will have no other agenda than to explore what appear to be real-life cases of people who have mysteriously gone missing and use the most credible methods and experts available today to better understand the phenomena.

We are reaching out to ICAR to see if you are aware of any individuals who may be interested in participating in the program, sharing their stories and hopefully obtaining answers. to discuss in more